Final Theses

Open Final Theses

Application Process

To apply for a thesis, please send the following information to

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current Transcript of Records
  • A preference list indicating your preferred research areas

Please apply about two months in advance.

Please note: Due to capacity restrictions at the CEM, we have to prioritize applications in the following way: Highest priority is given to students in the energy markets specialization. Please indicate whether you chose this specialization when applying. Students who attended Energy Markets 1 and at least a CEM seminar or one of the advanced courses (re-visit the CEM curriculum here) in Energy Trading, Energy Economics, Stochastic Optimization are considered next. The minimum requirement to be considered is the attendance of Energy Markets 1. Applications of students who did not attend this course are only accepted in exceptional cases.


Your thesis supervisor will be either Prof. Schwenen, Prof. Wozabal or Prof. Ikonnikova possibly in collaboration with one of the doctoral researchers at the CEM. You can find a list of interests for each of our team members on their respective CEM website, here.

If you decide to write a thesis on a topic agreed by us, the next step is to write a short thesis proposal (maximum two pages). This proposal should (i) define the research question, (ii) indicate the data and methodology to be used and (iii) discuss the related literature. After this step, your thesis can be registered.


A thesis has to adhere to scientific standards. It is your duty to familiarize yourself with those standards. Guidelines concerning the thesis itself (formal requirements, layout, etc) can be found here [recovered version; update in progress].


Please note that only those examination regulations that can be found on the website of the TUM business faculty are legally binding.

General Topics

We on occasion post current topics of bachelor's and master's theses on our webpage. Additionally, you are encouraged to approach us with your own ideas, possibly in collaboration with an industry partner. We also allocate topics and try to find the best match with your interests (as stated in your preference list, see above).

Possible topics we supervise include:

  • Auction and game theory applied to energy markets
  • Climate change
  • Electric mobility
  • Energy- and environment-related entrepreneurship
  • Energy storage
  • Environmental regulation
  • Modelling of energy prices
  • Network and infrastructure regulation
  • Power markets and renewable integration
  • Resource markets
  • Renewable energies
  • Statistical models in energy economics
  • Stochastic optimization in energy markets
  • Investments in Fossil Fuels under Uncertainty
  • Competition of Hydrogen technologies
  • Energy transition and the Evolution of International Trade
  • Financing of Energy Transition: Strategy Choice for Energy Companies
  • LNG Market Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Energy Sector

Get a list of past master thesis topics here.