DezEnerBay-Project: Decentralised energy supply for medium-sized companies in Bavaria

Sponsored by KME Mittelstand GmbH
Partner bayme vbm
  Hör Technologie GmbH
  Ha-Be Gehäusebau GmbH
Period June 2014 to June 2016
Contact person Dipl.-Kfm. Christopher Scheubel
  M.Sc. Thomas Zipperle



Decentralised energy supply has a great potential for the Bavarian economy. On the one hand, companies can create the energy supply more reliable, economic and ecological. On the other hand, a decentralised energy supply can close the gap of energy supply, which occurred through the exit from nuclear energy.

The core of this research project is the development of a scientific method, which enables statements about the feasibility and profitability of decentralised energy supply in medium-sized industrial companies. For this method, different technologies and general and company-specific frameworks are analysed and get integrated into a numerical model. The graphic below gives a rough overview about the technologies in the model. In addition, the different supply and sale possibilities from the feasible electricity and heat flows are shown schematically.

The numerical model is a tool for the companies that enables companies to draw conclusions about the individual situation, identify appropriate technologies and estimate the potential of their own investment. Three case studies are implemented by medium-sized industrial companies to analyse their individual requirements and to give a recommendation about the economic optimal energy mix.