Advanced Seminar in Finance and Accounting: Case Study Seminar

General Information:

Lecturer: Dr. Andreas Biagosch, M.Sc. Norbert Doerr, Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Supervisors: Anamarija Delic, Alexander Schult, Leonard Schwellnus

Language: German
Semester weekly hours: 4

Registration: This course is limited to 30 participants.


Structure of the course:

The examination consists of three parts: cases at 5 business partners, a presentation of an own case and a written case. The team size varies between 2 - 5 students. At the business partners, the students learn how to solve a case as a team under time and information constraints. They also acquire practical knowledge on how to concisely present their results. The presentation of their own case is in front of the class and a relevant external business partner. The particular learning objective here is the business judgement and the solution to a real-world business problem. The participants show their communication skills in class and in front of the external industry experts. In the written case, the students show their acquired skills in structuring an own case including the case solution.

Recommended reading:

Naumes, William / Naumes, Margaret J. (2006): The Art & Craft of Case Writing, 2. edition, Armonk 2006.

Examples for cases:

Möslein, Kathrin / Matthaei, Emilio (2009): Strategies for Innovators, Wiesbaden 2009.


Grading is based on three parts:

  1. Solving and presenting of cases at five business partners (30% of final grade)
  2. a case study written in a team in English on a self-selected topic (30% of final grade)
  3. a presentation of the case study (40% of final grade)

The seminar can only be passed if all parts are passed. The seminar can also only be repeated as whole seminar.


Patricipation is mandatory.

Case study timeline SS 2021
Kick off 21/04/2021
Topic discussion and selection 29/04/2021
Communications training 2/5/2021
Executive summary dicussion 17/05/2021
Case presentation 06/07/2021 and 07/07/2021
Oscar night 7/7/2021
Participating partner firms SS 2021
Roland Berger 28/04/2021
Hubert Burda Media To be announced
EY 10/5/2021
Deloitte 26/05/2021