Cost Accounting in Summer 2021

We are happy to announce that we will launch a new english-language online course for the “Cost Accounting” module in the forthcoming summer term. We complement the online course with weekly Q&A sessions and weekly exercises.

We will provide the online course via the interactive platform “Coursera”. With the online course, we provide you the opportunity to study Cost Accounting at any place, at any time, and in your individual learning speed. Learning videos are complemented by readings, quizzes, and interactive learning elements.

Weekly Q&A sessions will give you the opportunity to ask your questions and to discuss the course content with our team. On default, the Q&A sessions will be hosted online. We will publish a schedule that indicates in which week we will discuss which module of the online course.

In weekly exercises, we practice and deepen the content from the online course. We offer separate exercises for both the Bachelor and for the Master programs. We will host at least one exercise online. If the pandemic situation allows, we will additionally offer on-site exercises in the classroom.

For students who would like to attend a German-language “Kostenrechnung” course, we provide teaching videos of lectures and exercises on Lecturio. We supplement this online offer with weekly Q&A sessions that cover the content of both the lectures and the exercises. However, we recommend joining the English format for an improved learning experience.

All relevant Information can be found on Moodle after the succesful course registration via TUM Online.

Course Description:

Topics covered

This course focuses on the basic concepts, analyses, uses, and procedures of cost accounting and how cost information helps managers make better decisions. In order to emphasize this prominence in decision making, the “different costs for different purposes” theme is used throughout this course. Topics covered include: Job costing; Activity-based costing; Process costing; Cost allocation; Cost behavior; Cost-volume-profit analysis; Relevant costs for decision making. After successfully completing this course, students should be able to understand and apply managerial cost accounting systems and use them in practice.