Application for seminars at TUM School of Management:

Advanced Seminar in Finance and Accounting (M.Sc.): Challenges in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and craft firms

General Information:

Examiner: Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Lecturer: Andrea Doetsch, M.Sc., Magnus Schauf, M.Sc., Tobias Bleibl, M.Sc., Benedict Tratt, M.Sc., Dipl--Kfm. Johannes Trenkle
Language: German / English
SWS/ Credits: 4 SWS / 6 ECTS

Small- and medium-sized companies are often called the backbone of the German economy. These companies are often owner-managed and have a unique organizational structure. The seminar “Topics in SMEs” should give the students the opportunity to get a deeper insight in this type of enterprises. Students are asked to elaborate a research question and to discuss specific issues like digitization strategies, crisis management or controlling techniques in SMEs. Students write a seminar paper and present the final results in the block seminar in front of the auditorium. Students are required to give a peer-review of the seminar paper of another group. Active participation and discussion is expected. In addition, the students take part at the "Tagung der Studiengesellschaft für Mittelstandsfragen" and have the opportunity to contribute to a podium discussion during this event.

Students who are interested in the field of SMEs are invited to apply for this seminar. The number of participants is limited. Application for the seminar will be conducted by the general seminar tool of TUM School of Management (

Please contact Andrea Doetsch and Magnus Schauf regarding any administrative questions.

Grade composition

1. Seminar paper
2. Presentation of final results in the block seminar
3. Peer-review of one seminar paper


Course schedule

(Participation is mandatory)
14.10.2019 3.30pm-5.30pm
Introductory session, TU München

16.11.2019 Attendance of a conference of the 'Studiengesellschaft für Mittelstandsfragen'

09.12.-11.12.2019, full day, Presentation days, DAV Haus Spitzingsee