Final theses




In case of other focus areas/ qualifications you can contact to get an individual appraisal of your fit for a final thesis at our chair.


The number of available topics for theses is limited by the capacity of the chair. If the number of applications is exceeding the capacity of the chair, theses will be allocated according to your previous studies, elective course and personal interests.


Applications for theses can be handed in anytime. The decision regarding the acceptance of applications and responsible supervisor for the thesis takes place every three month. The resulting dead-lines are as follows:

Desired start of thesis Dead-line Announcement regarding the decision
April, May, June 10. March 17. March
July, August, September 09. June 16. June
October, November, December 09. September 16. September
January, February, March 03. December 10. December


Please hand in the following documents for your application (via E-Mail a single pdf-document with the file-name "Name_FirstName" to

  • Application form [Masterthesis] [Bachelorthesis]
    For chair-internal topics please provide two to three favourite topics with priorities.
  • Current Transcript of Records / Examination Report
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Exposé (only for non chair-internal topics)

Please do not contact us for preliminary requests without sendind your complete application. Decision regarding theses at our chair are made only on basis of complete applications.

In case you have been denied twice (either with your own proposal or with your application for a Master thesis) please contact the Department Head Accounting & Finance (Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer, In cooperation with the involved chairs, he will assist you in finding an adequate master thesis topic for you. (However, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to work on your own proposal.)


Following the exam regulations of the faculty, the time limits are:

  • Diploma thesis: six months
  • Master thesis (TUM-BWL/TUM-WIN/TUM-NAWI/TUM-WITEC): six months
  • Master thesis (MBA/EMBA): three months
  • Bachelor thesis: three months


The selection of topics needs to take place in consultation with the chair. The same topics may be used for bachelor theses and master-theses in MBA and EMBA with less detail-orientation.

It is possible to write your thesis in cooperation with a company. The company-partner can be suggested by the applicant. The thesis should cover a relevant existing challenge in industry. However, a scientific contribution is essential.

Topics from any field with a reference to controlling are possible. If suggesting your own topic, please provide an Exposé (1-3 pages). Please follow our guide for formal and other requirements. The exposé is the basis for the final topic and the process between applicant, chair and also company-partner.


The applicants receive a notification with a positive or negative result.

In a positive case, the applicant should contact his adviser. The topic may be edited in consultation with the adviser. The concrete research topic should be reported to the examination office within 4 weeks. During the work on the thesis, the student has to ask actively for feedback.

Thesis defense

For diploma and master-thesis (only MBA), an oral thesis defense is required after submission. Please ask early (minimum 4 weeks before planned defense) for an appointment.

For all other thesis a oral presentation is not mandatory but can be requested by the supervisor.

Formal Requirements

Please mind our formal requirements (english version). These requirements are mandatory for a scientific work at our chair. The following tips and hints are optional but might be helpful. If you plan to use LaTex for your thesis, feel free to use the following template .

prevero award

The prevero AG rewards a prize to the best thesis of the chair each year. The prize is worth 500,-€.


Past winners:

2009: Valentin Faust, "Eignung wertorientierter Unternehmenssteuerungskonzepte bei langfristig ausgeprägten Geschäftsmodellen am Praxisbeispiel der MTU Aero Engines"

2010: Constantin Tabor, "Gasbeschaffung und Anlageneinsatzplanung vor den Hintergründen eines liberalisierten Gasmarkts"

2011: Christopher Scheubel, "Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in the Automotive Industry – Do Social and Environmental Outperformers also Outpace Financially?"

2012: Alexandra Zehe, "Entwicklung eines Steuerungsmodells für den Malteser Hilfsdienst"

2013: Milos Rusic, "Szenarien der Stromversorgung durch Windenergie in Deutschland"

2014: Julian Hall, "Dynamic Transfer Pricing - Trade-off zwischen effizienten Investitions- und Mengenanreizen bei kostenbasierten Transferpreisen"

2015: Johannes Weindl, "Potenziale von Batteriespeichersystemen zur Regel-Energiebereitstellung"

2016: Valeriy Izrailevych, "Funktionen und Prozesse des Marken-Controllings - ein case-basierter Vergleich"

2017: Fabien Rozzi, "The Impact of the Gig-Economy on U.S. Labor Markets: Understanding the Role of Non-Employer Firms using Econometric Models and the Example of Uber"

Contact for theses

Theses Team: Anton Kelnhofer (