Requirements for a letter of recommendation

  • Passing of at least three exams at our Chair of Management Accounting with excellent results
  • Submission of all required documents via our online form on schedule, at least 3 weeks before the deadline expires.
  • After submitting the online form you receive the decision wheter we are able to issue you a letter of recommendation


Please send us the following documents electronically via the online form (

  1. Current listing of your grades (Transcript of records)
  2. Weighted grade average and the respective calculation in an excel sheet (if your transcript of records includes a weighted average you can leave this field blank)
  3. Official ranking of the faculty (available in the student office of the TUM School of Management/ representing your position in comparison to your peer students)
  4. Personal data sheet/CV
  5. Suggestion for recommendation
    Your suggestion for recommendation shows us how you assess yourself and helps us to better evaluate you. Also, you have the opportunity to assess all the dimensions that are required by the institution and that are important to you.

    Frequently required evaluation dimensions are: Interdisciplinary thinking, enthusiasm, analytical skills, reliability, anticipatory action, ability to innovate, value system, teamwork, personality, willingness to lead, social responsibility, international orientation, performance orientation. 

    Enclosed are samples in German and English. Please stick to the given form and the suggested formulations. The quality of the proposal influences the decision of the grant.

    If the institution provides a form that must be used, please provide it filled in as a suggestion for recommendation.




You will be informed about the completion of the recommendation via e-mail. You can collect the letter of recommendation at our chairs office (Ursula Steffl, room 2407) (