Project studies


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The application process for a project study starts three to four weeks before the planned kick-off by handing in all documents (via e-mail in a single pdf-file to

  • Current transcript of records, CVs of all applicants
  • Exposé if necessary (see below)

Please do not contact us without complete application documents. Only complete applications are considered in the application process. The final decision for the selection of the applicants is made by the chair together with the company.


The students can either work on a topic of the chair or come up with their own proposal (together with a company). The chair decides if the topic is applicable and acceptable for a project study.

We offer project studies in all major business disciplines. A direct connection to the field of cost accounting is not mandatory.

Current topics:

For project proposals of their own, applicants have to hand in an exposé previous to the kick-off (1-2 pages, bullets possible), covering the topic, goal and planned procedure of the project study. The character of the project, as well as the motivation, goal and the work of the project team, extent and responsibilities have to be clarified within the exposé. This exposé is basis for the topic finding process between applicants, company and chair.

To promote project studies at companies, one can use these slides.


  • The project group is a team of 2-5 persons.
  • The working time for the study are 3-6 months, depending on the classification in "Full-time" or "Part-time".

Process of the project study:

The process is in cooperation with the company. The supervision is shared between company and chair.


  • The participation in the project is graded individually. The evaluation of the company will influence the grade.
  • A project report written by the team is handed in (to the chair). This report will be graded and evaluated as a collective work. The formal requirements are determined in each project individually.
  • The project results are presented at the Chair of Management Accounting in form of a presentation. The presentation will be graded individually.