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Welcome to the Chair of Management Accounting. Here, you can find all news regarding the chair, teaching and the team of Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl.

Project studies

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We offer different project studies in cooperation with leading companies. You can come up with your own topic as well. A direct connection to the field of cost accounting or management accounting is not mandatory. For more information and the list of current project studies, see here.


Have you ever wondered why “Stories” are so easy to remember? Do you want to learn how to get the attention of your counterpart and being convincing? Apply for our interactive storytelling training until 18th august and get valuable tips and tricks to improve your storytelling technique. Get to know our unique corporate culture virtually and learn more about the opportunities... [more]

Come join EY-Parthenon Strategy Partners, Anna Grotberg and Derrick Betts as they present ‘The Future of Education and the Role of the Private Education Sector’ on 20th August. In this interactive session they will cover the changing landscape of the higher education sector, the impact of COVID-19, and the role of the private sector.  From now on you can register for the... [more]

People, media and technologies - that's Burda. On 30.07. from 10:30 - 11:30, Anna Wollschlager (recruiter) and Florian Festl, editor-in-chief at Focus Online, will give a virtual insight into the world of Burda. During the event the Burda and especially Focus Online will introduce themselves and explain how the think journalism 2020. Afterwards, the applicatin process is... [more]

Wirecard was considered a beacon of hope in Germany after the banks collapsed due to the financial crisis in 2008. Now the public prosecutor’s office is talking about fictitious transactions and falsified balance sheets. For Prof. Friedl state that it is somehow incomprehensible that auditors accepted the annual reports with no additional remark. It seems that state authorities... [more]

The Wirecard scandal is drawing even more attention. The charges have now been expanded and the term "commercial gang fraud" is now being used. In order to establish such a criminal system, several people must work together fraudulently so that such transactions remain undetected, says Prof. Friedl. For at least five years, balance sheets have been embellished, turnover... [more]

Bitcoin’s energy hunger has triggered a passionate debate in the academic literature as well as in the general public about the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies. Several scholars have suggested methodologies to estimate Bitcoin’s energy consumption, and yet, most studies have been focusing exclusively on Bitcoin and ignored that more than 500 further mineable coins and... [more]

The executive salaries of Dax bosses are falling - slightly, but for the second time in a row. The salary difference to normal employees remains enormous. Actually, former SAP boss Bill McDermott, with a salary of more than 15 million euros, would probably have been the number one top earner of the Dax bosses again. However, the American handed over his office in October 2019... [more]

Executive Board salaries are under criticism: they are seen as non-transparent and complicated. Above all, they provide the wrong incentives - a new law is intended to remedy this. As a recent study shows, the salary difference between board members and employees is still huge. Who earns the most in the Dax? How big is the difference between the salary of the boss and the... [more]

Internship within the Infrastructure Fund & Co-Investment Team at ACP’s head office in Munich from October 2020 for a minimum of three months. You will be responsible for researching and mapping the global infrastructure fund market, as well as for supporting the investment team on a day-to-day basis during the fund and co-investment due Diligence process. To apply you should... [more]

Dear students & young professionals: You have discovered your #dream job, but still many question marks with regard to your application documents? Then secure a 30-minute slot for "Pimp my CV" now and lay the building block for your professional future. Burda's #Recruiting-Team is at your disposal every Wednesday in July from 15:00 to 16:00 o'clock for a free digital exchange. ... [more]