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We welcome you cordially to the websites of the Entrepreneurship Research Institute at the Technical University of Munich.

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Due to the current situation our services are quite limited, e. g. our administration office is not physically staffed until further notice.

Although this may cause some delays we are trying to provide the best service possible by using web-based channels.

We therefore ask you to check our homepage to identify the respective contact for your request. In case there is no special contact identified please feel free to contact: office.ent@wi.tum.de

Please notice that we unfortunalty do not know at this point in time how we can offer exams for lectures (Vorlesungsprüfungen) - includes repeat exams as well -  in the summer term because of the pandemic. As this is coordinated by TUM we need to wait for instructions. We will share any news on our regular channels.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.


The ERI provides a wide range of lectures and seminars to TUM students. Click for information on lectures and seminars in winter semester 2019/2020 or watch our lectures online.

We offer project studies in cooperation with our business partners and final theses topics from our current research projects. 


Entrepreneurship is an important research field in business, economics, and psychology. Our goal is to improve our understanding of entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. Read more about our research topics and our list of publications.

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