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Das CDTM ist eine gemeinschaftliche Institution der Münchner Universitäten LMU und TUM. Das CDTM betreibt den englischsprachigen Elitestudiengang Technology Management für 25 Studierende verschiedener Fachrichtungen pro Semester. Als eine gemeinsame Institution der beiden... [more]

Market and cost analysis for Single Pair Ethernet connectivity solutions [more]

IDP: Nomagic

Deep-learning development to improve capabilities of robotic arms [more]

Restructuring of salesforce design and developing marketing framework [more]

IDP: Reinio

Development of business administration platform for full-service clothing care startup in the TUM ecosystem [more]

The Challenge You have heard of GoTo Market? You have heard of growth hacking? You want to work at the core of a StartUp. Join us and take it to the extreme. You combine established B2C online sales concepts with latest findings in B2B sales. You work intensively with parts of... [more]

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Please find more information regarding the IDPs below. [more]

IDP: Levaro

Mobile client engineering for FinTech startup [more]