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Retorio’s motivation is to decipher human personality traits and communication behavior to help companies identify talent more efficiently and develop it further. How? With our cutting edge AI-technology that analyses video data. Clients include companies such as BMW, Tata... [more]

The EazyNLP web app is a text mining platform aimed at non-technical researchers in the social sciences who wish to take advantage of natural language processing (NLP) in the analysis of unstructured textual datasets. Users interact with the EazyNLP web app via an intuitive and... [more]

Co-founder (m,f,x) – Healthcare Venture (stealth mode) Remote work assumed, full time full job description [more]

IDP with Imero

The growing internet trade of recent years has led to more and more counterfeit products being offered and manufacturers losing contact with their customers. With IMERO, manufacturers can give their products a unique identity that allows them to communicate directly with their... [more]

Glocally's vision is to revolutionize last mile logistics by providing urban retailers a sustainable same day delivery via cargo bikes. Leveraging their proximity to local customers, we deliver directly from their stores and create opportunities to support your locals! Please... [more]

Product and Retail Development for last mile logistics provider [more]

Development of customer acquisition strategy [more]

Go-to-Market strategy / Product-Market-Fit analysis for food startup. [more]

Every 5 seconds one person dies from the consequences of smoking. That sums up to over 6 million people a year that will leave this planet. We, the three founders, share the passion and the vision to use newest technology to change the face of the world. That’s why we founded... [more]