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Development of Digitization starter-kit and marketing strategy [more]

Understanding the robotics competitive landscape [more]

Go-to-market strategy for e-commerce SaaS start-up [more]

Galactify provides an interface that allows you to understand abstract structures and complex relationships faster. Their focus lies on the intuitive usability for experts of all disciplines and interoperability to support existing standards like SySML & UML. Please find more... [more]

V1.0 (as of June 22, 2021) – First website version Topic Munich is rich in entrepreneurial activity – so rich in fact, that it may sometimes be hard to find out easily who the right next person to talk to would be. On one hand, many well-known stakeholders receive a flurry of... [more]

Dahlia Robotics’ vision is to remove the need for herbicides in agriculture and make organic food production the standard. To achieve this, they build farming robots which autonomously take care of tedious tasks like weeding. The robots automatically recognize crops and weeds on... [more]

INNOSPOT is specialized in Startup and Innovation Scouting around the globe by using an AI-based Search- and Crawling-Technology. Our mission is to identify every single Startup on this planet to make the global Startup Ecosystem transparent and accessible. Join our mission to... [more]

Market study for small domestic appliances [more]

Business analytics / development of customer success KPI for task allocation start-up [more]

Markteintrittsstrategie für Futtermittel-Startup [more]