Bachelor Theses: Organizational scaling and knowledge dissemination in early-stage ventures


The growth of new ventures is a topic that constantly preoccupies academic scholars as well as practitioners. While scholars have shown particular interest in why some firms grow more quickly than others (e.g., regarding their employees, sales or profit), the question of how they grow is still poorly understood. Given its key role in creating new ventures, we assume that knowledge and its distribution is also a critical prerequisite for venture growth. As understanding the underlying process of knowledge dissemination can provide ventures with a roadmap of actions necessary to expand their operations quickly and sustainably, the importance of this topic for academic as well as practitioner literature becomes evident. As part of this study we therefore would like to find out which different types of knowledge play an important role for young ventures, how these types of knowledge are disseminated through the venture and how the dissemination processes impact and/or change through the venture's growth phase.

The student(s) will study early-stage software ventures using already available data, and are supposed to analyze video/audio recordings of interviews and additional secondary data with the help of an already existing coding manual. The student(s) will be expected to make the topic their own, that is, they will identify a new, interesting, and relevant research question which guides their final thesis.