Project Studies and Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

Project Studies

The goal of project studies (for management students) is to gain project management experience by working on a specific topic related to a research-oriented or practice-oriented project. Depending on the research or practice orientation, requirements for written projects report differ in breadth and content. Please see the file below for more information.

To apply for a project study as a student, please contact the company directly and always attach your CV and transcript of record (please send all documents in one PDF). We do not consider incomplete applications/requests. 

Project studies at ERI

Information sheet project studies (TUM School of Management)


Interdisciplinary Projects for Informatics (IDP)

IDPs (for informatics students) consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In collaboration with our institute, they combine informatics (practical part) and management (theoretical part). Please see the file below for more information on the IDP structure, application and registration process, and deliverables.



Information for companies offering IDPs or Project Studies

Attached to your request for project supervision and listing, please send us a draft of your project description (1 - max. 2 pages), including a short description of your company, the project tasks and requirements for students. If supervision in English is an option, this document must be in English. We will then try to find a suitable supervisor for your project. Please not that we have limited capacity and can not guarantee supervision for every request. For more information, please see the documents above.


Contact: David Huber

Available Project Studies and IDP

The EazyNLP web app is a text mining platform aimed at non-technical researchers in the social sciences who wish to take advantage of natural language processing (NLP) in the analysis of unstructured textual datasets. Users interact with the EazyNLP web app via an intuitive and... [more]

Wachstumsstrategie für EdTech-Startup [more]

Business development for healthcare startup [more]

IDP: Isarsoft

Digital twin and model design for traffic analysis software [more]

Fulfin is pioneering financing for online businesses across Europe. Please find more information regarding the IDPs below. [more]

Market and customer analysis for plastic recycling startup [more]

Website and product development for bus service optimization SaaS startup [more]

IDP: Balecy

Product development for mental health app [more]

Establish Database // Structure Editor // Requirement Formalization // Software Qualification for Modelwise safety analysis software [more]

Markteintrittsstrategie für Agritech Startup (German required) [more]