Müncon is a young start-up being active in the energy sector, especially on renewable energy. Contact for further details: Julian Schwierzy M.Sc. [more]

The German Research Foundation (DFG) will awards funding for the interdisciplinary research project “Mission Orientation and Innovation Clusters”. For further information, see project page. [more]

Abstract: Research suggests that public subsidies for newly founded firms have a positive effect on follow-on financing, in particular on Venture Capital (VC), through providing certification and early-stage liquidity. This study shows that the various sources... [more]

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of competitive project-funding on researchers' publication outputs. Using detailed information on applicants at the Swiss National Science Foundation  and their proposal evaluations, we employ a case-control design... [more]

For more information see PhD Research Scholar position [more]

The OECD Berlin Centre is looking for an intern in the area of Economics Research Assistance starting in August 2021. For detailed information, see  OECD job announcement. [more]

Streamboxy  ist die digitale Event-Plattform von MAKONIS, die bereits in kürzester Zeit den deutschen Markt aufgemischt hat. Für die Eroberung weiterer Märkte suchen wir Dich! Ansprechpartner für weitere Infos: Christoph Gschnaidtner, M.Sc., M.Sc. ... [more]