Abstract This study provides the first systematic, international, large‐scale evidence on the extent and nature of multiple institutional affiliations on journal publications. Studying more than 15 million authors and 22 million articles from 40 countries we... [more]

written by Marius Berger and Hanna Hottenrott [more]

The German Research Foundation (DFG) funds a new interdisciplinary group. Professor Hottenrott will lead the project titled: “The impact of competitive research funding on knowledge production in research groups”. For further information, see the press release... [more]

The Professorship for Economics of Innovation is looking for applications for an interdisciplinary project (IDP). [more]

written by Subhasish Chowdhury, Patricia Esteve-González, and Anwesha Mukherjee [more]

written by Annette Becker, Hanna Hottenrott, and Anwesha Mukherjee [more]

The Deutsche Bundesbank awards annual funding for scientific projects that are closely related to its statutory tasks. In the current round of awards, a research project at the Technical University of Munich is being funded. Specifically, the Deutsche... [more]