Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional at the TUM School of Management

Current and historical financial information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures for both international and domestic markets. Also provides company profiles and financial statements, analysts' forecasts, news on worldwide financial markets, and audio and video interviews and presentations by key players in business and finance.

Data limits

Bloomberg Professional has different types of downloading limits. In general, limits are reached quicker when special data items such as mortgage factors etc. are downloaded. Also refreshing the Excel workbooks or constantly opening and closing them will consume capacity. More information about the technical limitations of the API are available on {WAPI}, search keyword: Limits.

Please download the data responsibly so that other students can also benefit from using the terminal. Violation can lead to the exclusion from usage. The data limit is linked to the respective computer, not to the user account. Therefore, if the data limit is reached, you can try to use another computer. However, pleasse refrain from downloading excessively so that other students can also use the terminals. Excessive usage may also result in the termination of your account.

User information

Please go to Link for more information.

Please be aware that the usage is for the purpose of university matters only.

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There are regular Bloomberg trainings throughout the semester. More information can be found in TUMOnline. There is no individual support during the opening hours of the Bloomberg Terminal.