Matthias Hanauer won the ACATIS Value Prize 2021 (1st place) for his paper "Does earnings growth drive the quality premium?" (joint work with Georgi Kyosev, Joop Huij, and Simon Lansdorp). The paper has been published in the Journal of Banking & Finance. Paper abstract  High... [more]

How the Challenge Works Local CFA Institute volunteers work in conjunction with participating local universities to assemble teams of 3–5 business and finance students. Each team works directly with a mentor to research and prepare an equity research report on a publicly traded... [more]

Find further details here. [more]

Find further details here. [more]

Dear students,  during the summer term, we offer introductory webinars for Refinitiv Workspace/Datastream as well as for Bloomberg. Registration is possible via TUMonline (Refinitiv, Bloomberg).  [more]

The goal of the project study is to analyze how ESG risks, e.g., effects of transitioning to a low-carbon economy, might affect the invested assets and hence the stability of the Siemens pension funds. Thereby, you research existing literature on how to approach ESG risks, get in... [more]

During the pandemic, many companies change their business model. This could give their productivity a new boost. FAZ - 15.02.2021 [more]

On November 12, 2020 the First Digital Research Fest of TUM School of Management took place. The academic departments of TUM School of Management gave presentations on their research as part of a stage poster exhibition. The three best exhibited posters on ongoing research... [more]

Ziel des Projektstudiums ist eine detaillierte Analyse der für Banken in Deutschland erfolgsrelevanten Geschäftsfelder wie Corporate Banking, Capital Markets oder Asset Management. Dabei beleuchtest du segmentspezifische Produkte, Kunden und Zielregionen mit besonderem Fokus auf... [more]

Dear students,  during the winter term, we offer introductory webinars for EIKON/Datastream as well as for Bloomberg. Registration is possible via TUMonline (EIKON/Datastream, Bloomberg).     [more]