Exams overview


  • TUM-BWL: TUMOnline
  • MBA: TUMOnline
  • Querschnittsprüfungen: here


Students of the TUM-BWL program, MBA program and Nebenfach program have to sign up for written exams using the TUMOnline system (www.tumonline.de).

To sign up for the Querschnittsprüfung, please file the registration form with our chair at least two weeks before the exam date. The application form can be found here.

General information

The following rules apply to all courses:

  • Students have to take a proof of identity with a photo (ID, driver’s license) as well as a proof that they are enrolled students at TU München to the exam
  • Students are allowed to use a non-programmable calculator during the exam
  • Further, students are allowed to use a non-electronic dictionary during the exam (be prepared that dictionaries might be checked)
  • In some exams you are allowed to answer in both languages (English or German) - in others you have to write either in English or German


Retaking an exam

Students who failed an exam have to repeat the exam the next semester. Students who have failed an exam or who have fallen ill and have presented a medical certificate have to register for the exam in TUMonline in the next semester. Other students, who were for example unable to attend the exam, can take part in this exam as well, but also have to register for the exam in TUMonline. For each course an exam will be offered in the following semester.

The content of the exam includes for all courses the lectures and presentations of guest speakers of the current semester. So when you take part in the exam in the winter semester you have to prepare the content of the winter semester