Executive Education

In collaboration with the Executive Education of TUM School of Management, we strive to inform managerial decision-making using the best scientific evidence available and to foster evidence-based management practice.
Within the context of TUM Executive Education, we share state-of-the-art research insights with managers and decision makers in business. Continuous evaluation and monitoring of the Executive MBA program facilitates participants' development as responsible leaders.
As Vice Dean Executive Education and Academic Director EMBA of the TUM School of Management’s Executive Education Center, Prof. Claudia Peus uses her expertise to develop effective executive programs for business leaders. Based on latest research on leadership development, Dr. Ellen Schmid and Dr. Kristin Knipfer create personal learning journeys for the MBA students to foster their individual development as leaders. Their Leadership Development Approach integrates systematic feedback, individualized action plans, and reflective leadership practice as effective means to support learning. Recently, they have implemented ‘digital coaching’ to foster transfer of training.

Our Leadership Development Model

Research shows that leadership development is a longitudinal, dynamic and cyclical process, not the result of short-term interventions. In our approach, we facilitate and continuously evaluate the participants learning throughout all of the executive education programs.

We focus on facilitating experiential learning and reflective leadership practice through four components:

  • Teaching theories of effective leadership behavior
  • Providing practical leadership tools
  • Offering evidence-based leadership style feedback
  • Encouraging reflective leadership practice