81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management: Bringing the manager back in management [more]

Narcissistic Leaders – Promise or Peril? The Patterns of Narcissistic Leaders’ Behaviors and Their Relation to Team Performance [more]

Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus ist in den Verwaltungsrat des RWI – Leibniz Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung gewählt worden [more]

EU finanziertes Projekt erfolgreich abgeschlossen [more]

Collective Rumination Disrupts Organizational Resilience (Knipfer & Kump, 2021) [more]

Werte als Kompass allen Handelns [more]

Gastartikel von Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus [more]

Dr. Victoria Ossadnik (CEO E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH), guest lecturer at our chair, has been named one of the 40 most inspiring women in Germany [more]

Das Kursprogramm für das Sommersemester ist nun online [more]

We are happy to share that our article “Understanding how team process-sequences emerge over time and their relationship to team performance” is now published at Team Performance Management Journal. [more]