Project Study: Exploring verticals/business fields for Social Impact Investments

Project Study Bonventure

Background: (

BonVenture's goal is to tackle social, societal and ecological problems and to contribute to the reduction of these problems, to improve the efficiency and transparency in the social sector and to set an example for social investments by combining philanthropy and economic efficiency. To achieve this, BonVenture applies proven venture capital methods to the social sector. BonVenture provides its projects with long-term financial resources as well as a network and professional support. In addition, BonVenture develops and applies initiatives to improve the transparency and the visibility of the social impact of these projects. BonVenture's main objective is to reduce social, societal and ecological problems in German-speaking countries and to promote social responsibility in a time when existing systems often fail to perform their tasks due to a lack of financial resources and innovation. While social venture capital is already established in the United States, the BonVenture Group is the first vehicle of its kind in the German-speaking countries. It provides private equity, mezzanine and loans as well as active management support to social enterprises (who can be both for-profit and non-profit). At the same time BonVenture operates as a social business itself.

The Project Study:

BonVenture constantly needs to assess different verticals/business fields in order to get an overview of the market, the players, deficits in terms of social or ecological approaches and the impact new players in this market can have in terms of social, ecological and financial returns. BonVenture is currently interested in exploring several new verticals:

 Circular Economy (except plastics)
 Digital health (digital solutions/support systems to health issues, eg. consultation, prevention, aging, …)
 Civil society, values and democracy (including Consumer privacy) (starting date not before October 2019)
 Inclusion (starting date not before October 2019)
 Ageing society and demographic change
 (digital) Education (starting date not before October 2019)
 AI-applications for social/ecological impact

Your role:

You will be working in a team of 2-4 students focusing on ONE of the presented verticals  Analyze the underlying problem: What are challenges in that field in terms of social and/or ecological aspects  Provide an overview of the corresponding market  Show the players/stakeholders  How is/how can impact (be) generated What we offer BonVenture as your company partner will be available for discussions and advise. They can provide insights in their own strategy and investments, and give a great example of an impact fund that has already gained exit experience.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for a team of 2-4 students (not individual applications) that are highly motivated to pursue the project as their project study. Please send your full CV and a 1-page motivation letter to Dr. Svenja Jarchow (

The project study should start as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, please also contact Svenja Jarchow.