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The TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (Group of Entrepreneurial Behavior, Professor Nicola Breugst) is looking for a PhD candidate (Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in, m/w/d), starting in fall 2021. [mehr]

Would you be able to find your way back after a pub-crawl without using Maps or other GPS-based apps? We don’t, and we are not alone… The International Maritime Organization (IMO, governed by the United Nations) lately released an urgent call addressed to research institutes,... [mehr]

In times of increasing environmental awareness, agriculture is also looking for new innovative solutions. One of the key areas is weed control. With Paltech, we are determined to make a contribution by mechanically removing weeds with an autonomous robot, instead of using... [mehr]

Entrepreneurship Education start-up; IDP: Real-time collaboration in SaaS Application, Project Study: Market Entry Strategy [mehr]

Sales and product strategy for farming robotics [mehr]

Development of Digitization starter-kit and marketing strategy [mehr]

Understanding the robotics competitive landscape [mehr]

The EazyNLP web app is a text mining platform aimed at non-technical researchers in the social sciences who wish to take advantage of natural language processing (NLP) in the analysis of unstructured textual datasets. Users interact with the EazyNLP web app via an intuitive and... [mehr]

Go-to-market strategy for e-commerce SaaS start-up [mehr]