Open IDP Project: Update of patent database PATSTAT

The Professorship for Economics of Innovation is looking for applications for an interdisciplinary project (IDP).


Intellectual property rights are one of the most critical enablers of many fields of innovation and research which are key to our knowledge-based economy. In turn one of the strongest forms of IP protection is through the application for and grant of patents. Due to the inherent design of the patent system a vast amount of information is publicly available and therefore a great source of information for various research projects.

At the Economics of Innovation chair, we are using this patent data in various ways – be it to understand the proliferation of design rights, the invalidation of patents through law-suits, the necessity of patents to establish a market for technology or the application of ICT patents around the globe. In order to support our research, we need to replace an old version of the linked patent databases PATSTAT and INPADOC (Oct 2015) with the latest available version from 2019. Subsequently, several additional queries will need to be performed in order to create customized data fields that will help facilitate our research.

For further information, see the following PDF.