Competence Center Empirical Finance


  • Index Membership and Bond Liquidity
  • Detecting and Exploiting Financial Market Inefficiencies with Artificial Neural Networks
  • Capital Markets Anomalies and Multi-Factor Models for Emerging Stock Markets
  • Investing Like Warren Buffet: Adding Value to Value
  • Portfolio Optimization under Asset Pricing Anomalies
  • Momentum Strategies for the German Stock Market
  • Smart Beta: Funds Performance Evaluation
  • Private Equity Replication with Leveraged Small-Cap Value Stocks
  • Black-Box Hedge Funds:Risk-Adjusted Performance of Algorithmic and Discretionary Traders
  • Return Decomposition for Selected European Markets using an Implied Cost of Capital
  • The impact of Sustainability on Stock Returns



Competence Center Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance


  • Female Executive Compensation Around the World
  • Do founders matter? The impact of founders on firm value, operating performance, and survival rates
  • Fund Managers and Fund Performance
  • The Influence of Board Experience on the Performance of international Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Equity Fund Characteristics and Fund Performance
  • Chief Executive Turnover and Firm Performance
  • The impact of the CEO’s cultural background on company decisions
  • Private Equity Replication with Leveraged Small-Cap Value Stocks
  • An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Governance in US NGOs in Light of Form 990 Reform
  • The effect of public corruption on the financial policies of U. S. firms
  • Multinational Enterprises and Corporate Sustainability: The Impact of International Subsidiaries’ Country Sustainability
  • Are embedded boards of directors more effective?
  • Shopping Hours Regulation in Germany and Retail Firms‘ Financial Figures



Competence Center Valuation and Risk Management


  • The rise of Robo advisors within wealth management
  • The Transformation of U.S. Banks’ Branch Network. Does the Internet replace classic Branches?
  • Systemically Important Financial Institutions - A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Risk Measures for Banks and Insurances
  • Electricity Prices in South America
  • Entwicklung eines praktikablen Ansatzes zu einer verursachungsgerechten Risikokapital-Allokation innerhalb der Wohngebäudeversicherung 
  • Alternativer Risikotransfer mithilfe von CAT-Bonds
  • Path-Dependency of Delta-Hedged Profit and Loss for European Options: A Practical Look 
  • Cross-sectional earnings forecasting methods: A comparison for the European market
  • The Impact of Adjusting Predictable Errors in Analysts’ Forecasts for Implied Cost of Capital: Evidence from European Markets