Getting Started with Project Study and Bachelor/Master Thesis


How to Find a Good Topic for my Thesis or Project Study?

  • Select a topic from our list with themes
  • Suggest a topic of your own and contact the team
  • Contact an instructor to develop a topic togethe

What is a Project Study?

A group of 2-5 Bachelor students works together as a "student consulting team" on a well-scoped unique corporate project offered in close collaboration with partners from industry, retail, or consultancy in order to:

  • Get valuable insights into an exciting management topic
  • Apply and enlarge knowledge acquired during study
  • Enhance problem solving skills Increase critical thinking skills
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Practice good work ethics with business partners

The group is mentored by advisors both from the chair and the company. A project typically lasts 3 months (full time) to 6 months (during the semester). Please take a look at examples of current project studies ››› here.

What is a Bachelor or Master Thesis?

A thesis is an intensive study, investigation, or inquiry of a topic in research with high relevance in management

A TUM-BWL student works 3 months for a Bachelor thesis, and 6 months for a Diplom and Master thesis.

The student will be mentored and coached by your personal advisor - and sees him or her in order to frame research questions, discuss the progress, get help with literature and research methods, and receive feedback.

Topics are also offered together with partners from industry, retail and/or consultancy. Examples of Bachelor and Master Theses can be found ››› here.

How to Prepare a Scientific Manuscript?

Seminar papers as well as bachelor/master's thesis and project studies vary in length and depth. However, they share same requirements and standards with regard to format and style. We therefore summerized good practice for you in our: 

There you will find details about the number of pages, formats of headlines and reference.

We encourage you to write your thesis in English and to take advantage of an overview of the general principles and rules of English language (please see recommended links inside the document).

How to submit your Thesis or Project Study?

  • Bind your thesis using adhesive binding (pls refrain from sprial binding).
  • Print your name and title at the binding spine.
  • Collect all relevant data, model and the thesis as PDF in a ZIP folder and upload it to the Moodel module, your supervisor assigns you to.
  • Submit your Bachelor/Master thesis to the "Studiensekretariat" and your Project Study to your advisor.

How to register at the Examination Office?

Please fill out one of the registration form provided by the faculty homepage and bring it to your personal advisor. Your personal advisor will take care of all follow-up processes.