Logistics & SCM Project Studies

We welcome students and companies to engage in joint research projects. Find a selection of project opportunities below! Would you like to write your project study with us? Do you or your study group like to suggest a project of your own? You are cordially welcome to contact us.  Please provide all application documents in English language.

Getting started with your project

How to find a topic for my thesis or project study?

  1. Choose a topic from the list on the left side.
  2. Suggest a topic for a project study of your own.
  3. Contact an instructor to develop a project study together.

Please take a look at our current projects to get a flavor of possible topics.

My favorite project is 'ongoing' - what to do?
Contact an instructor, if you like a similar project study. Companies are often offering follow-up projects.

Your instructor could have therefore similar projects in pipeline which could sound good to you.

What is the goal of a project study?
A group of 2-5 Bachelor students work on a well-scoped unique corporate project to:

  • get valuable insights into an exciting management topic,
  • apply and enlarge knowledge acquired during study,
  • enhance problem solving skills,
  • increase critical thinking skills,
  • improve presentation skills,
  • practice good work ethics with business partners.

Please note: A project study is not just a description of an internship!

Who is coaching the project group?

The group is mentored by advisors both from the chair and the company. You will typically meet them every 2-4 weeks.

How long does the project last? When can we start?

A project lasts 3 months (full time) or 6 months (during the semester). You can start the project according to your time preferences.

What are the 'deliverables' for a project study?
A project includes:

  • a kick-off meeting,
  • a mid-term presentation,
  • and a final presentation.

At the end, a final report needs to be submitted.

How to register at the examination office?
Please see your personal advisor with the following registration form: ››› Project study

How to prepare a good Project Study?
Please find good practice summerized in our: ››› Guidelines & Writing tips››› MS Word Template

How to make the meeting with your advisor efficient?

  • Take an updated table-of-content to your meeting
  • Be prepared to the question: What's new?
  • Present results, challenges, and ideas ...

Ready to submit your thesis?

  • Bind your thesis using adhesive binding (please refrain from spiral binding!).
  • Print your name and title at the binding spine.
  • Store relevant data on CD/DVD and adhere CD/DVD sleeves to the inside back cover.
  • Submit the report to your advisor!

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