Dr. Marcel Sieke of BARKAWI gave a presentation on Service Parts Management in the lecture Inventory Management. He started his presentation with structuring the relevant parts in Supply Chain Management: Sourcing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Service. When focusing more on... [mehr]

Dr. Steffen Klosterhalfen of BASF gave a presentation on Scientific Computing at BASF in the lecture Inventory Management. Already in the introduction where he presented some key figures and typical products of the BASF company, he showed the focus on Inventory and Supply Chain... [mehr]

Oliver Reisch of flexis AG held a presentation on Global Supply Chain Challenges in the Automotive Sector in the lecture Inventory Management. He motivated the need for global and integrated planning approaches by the change from local to global sourcing, the significantly... [mehr]

Björn Klippel of TIM CONSULT held a presentation on Ocean freight planning in the lecture Transportation Logistics. He showed the complexity of the planning and the previous and expected development of the market. Moreover, he presented the tool for benchmarking one’s own company... [mehr]

Christoph Färber of Daimler Mobility Services held a presentation on Why Daimler does carsharing in the lecture Transportation Logistics. He outlined the problems car2go was facing in the starting face of the Start Up and why it was the right time for carsharing. Furthermore, he... [mehr]