Auf folgender Seite finden Sie mehr Informationen zur Evaluierung des EU-Schulprogramm in Bayern: [mehr]

Dr. Matthias Staudigel has just published his study on the effects of the FDA's sodium reduction strategy in the U.S. market for chip products in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Have a read [mehr]

A new publication by Christine Hassauer and Professor Jutta Roosen has just been published in Safety Science. The article analyzes evidence practices using the case of plant protection products. Have a read [mehr]

Christina Neubig and Professor Jutta Roosen have just published an article in the Journal of Cleaner Production on how different types of information can influence the intention to reduce food waste . Have a read [mehr]

Hannah Danner and Professor Luisa Menapace have recently published an artilce in Food Quality and Preference. It examines the beliefs about organic food stated in online comments in German-speaking countries and the US. Interested? Have a read [mehr]

Christine Hassauer and Professor Jutta Roosen have authored the following book chapter on evidence as a resource in the knowledge society. The book chapter was created as part of the research project "Practicing Evidence - Evidencing Practice". Hassauer, Christine; Ehlers, Sarah;... [mehr]

Das nächste Masterkolloquium findet am 8. Januar 2020 statt. [mehr]