More information available here. The report and the presentation of the final results are currently only available in German. [mehr]

The Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research is looking for a student assistant. For more details have a look at the job description. [mehr]

Corinna Hempel was a guest in the first episode of the new podcast #Futur1 on sustainable consumption [mehr]

Prof. Jutta Roosen gave an interview to Süddeutsche Zeitung on Christmas Shopping in times of Corona. Read more here [mehr]

Dr. Corinna Hempel comments on the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on consumer behaviour on the TV programme "Unser Land - Landwirtschaftsmagazin" of BR Fernsehen. ... [mehr]

Want to find out more about the phenotyping platform of the Enable Cluster, check out this new publication co-authored by Prof. Roosen: Brandl, B., T. Skurk, R. Rennekamp, A. Hannink, E. Kiesswetter, J. Freiherr, S. Ihsen, J. Roosen, M. Klingenspor, D. Haller, D. Krautwurst, T.... [mehr]

Sabine Gross and Prof. Roosen have just published their article „Effects of information on social trust in farmers regarding animal welfare“ in the International Food and Agribusiness Management Review (in press). Have a read here: ... [mehr]

You can read and listen the Kalenderblatt on (in German). [mehr]