Munich Leadership Colloquium

The aim of the Munich Leadership Colloquium is the discussion of research related to leadership and behavior in organizations. PhD students and Postdocs from the Chair of Research and Science Management and other Munich-based research groups as well as external guest speakers from national and international universities present their work. More specifically, presenters talk about interesting research results or ongoing research and research ideas.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Dr. Eleni Georganta (

Date Time Name Title Room
02.07.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Leidy Cubillos-Pinilla I make my own rules!: entrepreneurship and psychometric measures between conditional rule breakers and unconditional rule followers. Online
02.07.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Lisa Handke TBA Online
09.07.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Alina Gales Conflicting stereotypes about STEM and through social media: a challenge of gendered expectations for Generation Z women Online
09.07.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Eleni Georganta & Anna Ulfert New TeamWork: Differences in Team Trust and Team Performance between Human-Agent and Human- Teams (in progress) Online
16.07.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Anna Brzykcy Direction of the Effect between work and family conflict: A replication and extension study Online
16.07.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Franziska Emmerling A review on destructive leadership - the story continues Online
23.07.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Selina Stracke An all-encompassing approach for the measurement of Team Rumination Online
23.07.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Jakub Cichor Charismatic robot leadership Online
30.07.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Stephanie Rehbock & Kristin Knipfer Destructive leadership in academia Online
30.07.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Regina Dutz Observing destructive leader behavior Online
06.08.2020 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Louisa Misterek & Hanna Sandmaier Boss Phubbing as norm transgressions Online
06.08.2020 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Leidy Cubillos-Pinilla Entrepreneurship and gender Online