Responsibility as a core value [mehr]

We look back at a successful week [mehr]

Leader Training and Selection [mehr]

Neurophysiological Leadership Lab presents three submissions [mehr]

The brain at work in everyday life [mehr]

Dutz, Hubner, Peus: When agency 'fits' regardless of gender: Perceptions of applicant fit when job and organization signal male stereotypes [mehr]

Hentschel, Braun, Peus, Frey: Sounds Like a Fit! Wording in Recruitment Advertisements and Recruiter Gender Affect Women’s Pursuit of Career Development Programs via Anticipated Belongingness [mehr]

81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management: Bringing the manager back in management [mehr]

Narcissistic Leaders – Promise or Peril? The Patterns of Narcissistic Leaders’ Behaviors and Their Relation to Team Performance [mehr]

Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus ist in den Verwaltungsrat des RWI – Leibniz Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung gewählt worden [mehr]