Attending the EAWOP Virtual Small Group Meeting

Using Advanced Technologies and Artificial Intelligence at Work

Last week (21. – 22.01.2021), Dr. Eleni Georganta and Selina Stracke presented their exciting research on the use of advanced technologies at work, specifically its impact on teams and team meetings, at the EAWOP Virtual Small Group Meeting.

EAWOP is currently the leading European association in regards to evidence-based insights regarding people, work and organization. The Small Group Meeting’s goal was to combine interdisciplinary perspectives on technology use at work, especially the use of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), in order to discuss current opportunities, challenges, and future directions, and to generate a European network in this rapidly advancing field.

Dr. Eleni Georganta together with Dr. Jasmin Niess provided first insight into how interactive technologies influence various factors in organizational teams, which are essential for team effectiveness. During the poster presentation on “Interactive Technologies Supporting Team Effectiveness: A Systematic Literature Review”, they discussed that many interactive technologies are often designed to support only some team mechanisms (e.g., shared team cognition) while neglecting others (e.g., team learning). Following an interdisciplinary approach, the goal is to provide an overview of the interactive technologies that are developed for today’s organizational teams and present a roadmap for future research.

Selina Stracke together with Maximilian Zeyda, Kristin Knipfer, and Peter Gloor presented the paper “When your body tells more than words - Predicting perceived meeting productivity through body signals”. Their study explores the potential of advanced technologies that help predict meeting productivity from body signals. A novel approach was used by investigating whether body signals can be accurate indicators of perceived meeting productivity. The study gives insights on the potential of wearables to provide valuable information about meeting productivity.

We are very proud that our Chair was represented by Selina and Eleni at this virtual Small Group Meeting and actively participated in this evolving discussion.