Talk at the Research Colloquium WiSe 20/21 at the University of Hamburg

Caught in Discussion Circles – Introducing Team Rumination

On Monday, 01.02.2021, Selina Stracke gave a talk at the Research Colloquium of the department for Industrial and Organizational Psychology of the University of Hamburg. Due to the current situation, all presentations within the scope of this event-series were held online via zoom.

The main focus of the research colloquium lies in investigating experiences, behavior, and well-being of individuals and teams in organizations.

Selina Stracke presented part of her research on team rumination: “Caught in Discussion Circles: Introducing Team Rumination” to both fellow researchers and students. The construct developed in her research describes the process of recursive team discussions and explains how, when and why there often is a lack in effectiveness when teams handle difficult situations.

With her research, Selina Stracke contributes to group and organizational behavior research by enlightening the dark side of team discussions and their outcomes. In being aware of this team rumination, also practitioners might be able to both detect and counter this process early on.

We want to thank Selina for representing the Technical University of Munich by making a valuable contribution to this area of research.