Keynote at 8th E-HRM International Conference Webinar

Claudia Peus and Ulf Steinberg were invited to talk about the role of algorithms in HR Management.

On Thursday, 03 December 2020, Claudia Peus and Ulf Steinberg gave an invited talk about “The Role of Power and Agency in HR Analytics and AI” at the Webinar of the 8th E-HRM International Conference. The webinar entitled “Who (or What) is Creating Knowledge and Making HR Decisions in a World of AI?” featured presentations by an interdisciplinary panel of scholars, including Dr. Stella Pachidi from Cambridge University and Dr. Alec Levenson from University of Southern California. The research presented at the webinar focused on the implementation of algorithms and artificial intelligence in HR and its consequences for organizations, as well as managers and employees. After the presentations there was a lively discussion with the panelists and the about 100 HRM researchers and HR professionals in attendance.