Our Mission

Our mission is to foster continuous learning, adaptation, knowledge sharing and innovation within organizations, by combining our passion for leadership, learning, and innovation with current problems and practices.

Deriving our theoretical underlining from the fields of organizational behavior, leadership, and group research, we focus on the perceptions and behaviors of individuals, teams, and leaders:

  • How do employees perceive and respond to new work arrangements and digitalization?
  • How can teams adapt successfully to today’s challenges?
  • How can leadership support or hinder learning and knowledge sharing in organizations?
  • How do leaders learn to lead effectively?

Contributing to both research and practice, we focus on four overarching research themes: New Work, New Ways of Teamwork, Learning in Organizations, and Leadership & Leader Development. Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, we investigate the topics that are essential for individual and organizational success of large corporates, new ventures, and academic institutions.