Project Management for Scientists

A Hands-On Approach

„Scientists in their laboratory are not mere technicians: they are also children confronting natural phenomena that impress them as though they were fairy tales.“
Marie Curie


It is probably best not to take project management too scientifically. Any scientist, however, can benefit from familiarizing him- or herself with the basics of project management and that is precisely what we are trying to accomplish in this practice-oriented introduction. We start with some definitions and move to discuss topics, such as, project structure, phases, roles and responsibilities, budgeting, risk management, and scheduling. You will get an overview over different methods and apply what you learn to one of your own projects in the class. Emphasis will be given to so-called „soft“ factors of project management that may be summarized under the question: How do I get others to cooperate and work with me towards the project’s goal?


You get to select one of your projects and will get the opportunity to apply what you learn during class to that project. Furthermore, there will be individual- and group exercises, as well as opportunities to discuss and connect with your peers.

Your Take Away

  • Thanks to our hands-on approach you will get a feeling of what project management really means.
  • You get to know central project management terminology and will learn how to decide what matters and what doesn’t in project management.
  • You get to benefit from our unique combination of project management experience and current insights from psychology.




Seminar Date I (November)

Fully booked!

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The instructors
Dr. Ulf Steinberg
Jakub Edward Cichor, M.Sc.

Seminar Date II (December)

Fully booked!

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The instructor
Dr. Ulf Steinberg


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