Completed Projects


Democratic Organization

Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report

Demokratisierung der Arbeitsumwelt 



AuBeFührAuswahl und Beurteilung von Führungskräften in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft
CS:imHCrowdsourcing und Spielifizierung im individuellen modularen Hausbau
Decision-making and biasDecision-making and Biases in the context of the Supervisory Board
Digitales Employer BrandingDevelopment of a process and software application to systematically position a company's employer brand in digital outlets such as social networks or employer review communities
Pay Professors for Performance?!Development of a new incentive system for researchers and lecturers in academia
Risk and uncertaintyRisk and Uncertainty: Strategy and Decision-Making
Social media as information marketsIs all that talk just noise? Predicting the future through social media
Social media as opinion marketsHow do online opinions impact companies?
Spielifizierung in der Fertigung und MontageDevelopment of a process and software application to apply gamification in manufacturing work environments to motivate and train workers
The future of work and life design
Trust in virtual teamsCommunication, Trust and Leadership in Virtual Organizations and Teams
University LaboratoryULAB - European Laboratory for modelling the technical research University of tomorrow