Credit approval

If you plan to take or have taken a course at another institution for which you would like course credit from the Chair for Strategy and Organization (Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe), please proceed as follows:

  • Check out the database for transfer of credits of TUM SOMex (see here) for detailed information on whether your course can be directly recognized for a specific course at our chair without any difficulties. If applicable, add the respective information to your mail for quicker processing.
  •  Send all of the following documents to Lea Ameres
    1. The application form for credit approval. Please choose according to your request: (PDF)
    2. The syllabus of the TUM course to be approved. Please find the respective file on TUMonline or in the courses area. Please contact us for credit approval only if the Chair for Strategy and Organization (TUWIB17) is mentioned as the responsible organization. (PDF)
    3. The syllabus of the other institution's course containing: (PDF)
      • Table of course content
      • List of corresponding literature
      • Amount of ECTS (if applicable)
      • Course level (Bachelor or Master)


Please note the following:

  • Requests which do not include all mentioned documents will not be processed
  • We do not make general suggestions as to whether courses might be approved. Requests must be complete and specific with regard to the TUM course. 
  • The approval process may take up to six weeks.

Take a look at the TUM website for further information about the credit approval process and for further documents regarding the credit approval (e.g., Learning agreement).



Recommendation letters

Please note the following requirements of the Chair for Strategy and Organization for issuing a recommendation letter:

  1. Recommendation letters can only be issued for students who have taken at least one course at the Chair for Strategy and Organization, in which the grade 2.0 or higher has been achieved.
  2. The issuance of a recommendation letter takes four weeks once all neccessary information has been handed in (see below on what has to be handed in). We are not able to process requests with a processing period of less than four weeks.
  3. Online recommendation letters can only be issued for students personally known to the chair or those who have a relationship to the chair.

Further, note that:

  1. Letters of recommendation will be directly sent to the respective institution.
  2. Depending on formal and content based requirements of the recommendation letter, further documents or personal conversation may be required.


If these requirements are fulfilled for your request, please send the following documents as one PDF plus one Word document to M.Sc. Kai Uhlemann:


  •  Document 1 (PDF) contains:
    • CV
    • Transcript of Records
    • Information on courses taken at our chair: Course title, name of lecturer, semester, grade.
    • Information on who needs to sign the recommendation letter: E.g., Prof. Welpe, employee with doctorate degree.
    • Address of the respective institution
    • Letter of motivation: Write one paragraph (max. 200 words), why you see yourself suited for the respective program (e.g., scholarship, master program).
  • Document 2 (Word document) contains:
    • Complete Draft for the recommendation letter
  •  Further, if applicable:
    • Stamped and addressed envelopes (in case of postal dispatch)
    • Recommendation letter form: Information about formal and content specific requirements of the recommendation letter (if applicable)
    • Link to online formular (if applicable)


Note that incomplete requests with regard to the above mentioned criteria cannot be processed.