Guidelines and evaluation criteria at the Chair for Strategy and Organization (CSO) are the same as defined within the research group Marketing, Strategy & Leadership (MSL). 

What is a project study?

Student teams work on concrete questions within a research or practical project. Goal of the project study is to apply acquired knowledge in practice and to gain experience in project management “learning by doing”.

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a) Application for a topic offered by the LSO.
Please send the complete application of your team (motivation letter, CV of all team members, current transcript of record of all team members) to the respective contact person. Please note that you should normally apply as a team of 2-5 students for a project study. 

b) Application with an own topic.
Please send your complete application and a research/project proposal for your topic via email to Further information on writing a research/project proposal you find here: [English]. Please note that your proposed topic should be in line with one of the research topics of the CSO. Inform yourself and integrate a clear argument on why your topic fits with the CSO in your exposé.


10 SWS / 12 ECTS Credits (for BA, MA). The final grade includes the following components:

  • Contribution to the team (individual evaluation): 50%
  • Project report (team evaluation): 30%
  • Presentation (individual evaluation): 20%

Weightings may differ for research projects. The project report has to be written according to the general guidelines on scientific writing of the MSL research group. Here you find the evaluation criteria for the project report: [English].

Registration at the examination office

After acceptance of your final thesis at the LSO, it can be registered at the examination office (Prüfungsamt). Please follow the following steps for the registration:

  1. Fill in the respective registration form (click here)
  2. Send the registration form for final approval to your supervisor at the CSO.
  3. Hand in the signed registration form to the office management of the CSO.