Teaching FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for examinations on TUMOnline

For many courses you will have to register for the examination. You do this on TUMOnline. On TUMOnline, you can either register for examinations through the overview of your courses, or by searching for the course you want to register to. Two links:

Manual for registration for an examination on TUMOnline through the overview of courses (German only)

Manual for registration for an examination on TUMOnline using the search functionality (German only)

TUMOnline manual (English on page 24)

Moodle manual

A quick introduction to using Moodle can be found on  https://www.moodle.tum.de/pluginfile.php/791/mod_page/content/14/moodle_short_manual_students_11-05-23.pdf.