TUM Research Seminar in Economics


The Research Seminar of the Chair of Economics at the TU Munich offers its employees and interested guests the opportunity to outline their research projects or to present and discuss research results together. A presentation should not exceed 60 minutes in order to leave enough time for discussion. The lecture language is German or English.

The seminars take place during the lecture period every Wednesday from 16:45 to 18:15 in seminar room 2418.

The following dates are planned in detail: 

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Date Presentation
04.11.2015 Michael Kurschilgen (TUM, Managerial Economics)
"Identity Utility and Other-Regarding Preferences – An Experiment"
11.11.2015 Lisa Planer-Friedrich (Universität Bamberg)
"Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility"
18.11.2015 CESifo Lectures: Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
"Political Economy of State Building"
25.11.2015 Julian Hackinger (TUM, VWL)
"Public Goods Games in the light of Mental Accounting"
02.12.2015 Florian Inderst (TUM, VWL)
"Investment under Uncertainty: Revisited"
09.12.2015 Thomas Daske (TUM, VWL)
"Rethinking Hawks and Doves: Interim-Efficient Labor Contracts
for Other-Regarding Agents"
13.01.2016 Christoph March (TUM, VWL)
"The Strategic Use of Budget Deficits: Divide-et-Impera"
20.01.2016 Matthias Uhl (TUM, Wirtschaftsethik)
"Projection Bias or Conflict or Selves? A Framed Field Experiment"
27.01.2016 Christoph March (TUM, VWL)
"The Strategic Use of Budget Deficits: Divide-et-Impera - An Experiment"
24.02.2016 Julian Hackinger (TUM, VWL)
"Not All Income is the Same to Everyone: Cognitive Ability and the House Money Effect in Public Goods Games"
25.03.2016 Ulrich von Waldow (IDP)
"Simulation von Lernmverhalten in Tullock-Contests"