TUM Research Seminar in Economics

Short Description

The Research Seminar of the Chair of Economics at the TU Munich offers its employees and interested guests the opportunity to outline their research projects or to present and discuss research results together. A lecture should not exceed 40 minutes in length to allow for sufficient discussion time. The lecture language is German or English.

If you would also like to present a research project, please send an email to Dr. Thomas Daske.



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The seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 17:00 to 18:00 in seminar room 2418.

The following dates are planned in detail:

Date Presentation
20.11.2019 Florian Inderst (TUM, Economics)
"Open borders, not wallets! On the efficiency of foreign aid through migration"
27.11.2019 Katharina Hartinger (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Macroeconomics)
"Individualism, Human Capital Formation, and Labor Market Outcomes – International Evidence from an Adult Skill Assessment"
04.12.2019 Daniel Fehrle (Uni Augsburg, Empirical Macroeconomics)
"Asset premiums in disaster and non-disaster risk production economies"
18.12.2019 Christoph Gschnaidtner (TUM, Economics)
"How to certify? Experimental investigation into certification "
08.01.2020 Elisabeth Meyer (FAU)
"Exit, voice, and the middle class: Emigration policies in non-democratic countries"
15.01.2020 Carsten Feuerbaum (KU Eichstätt Ingolstadt, Microeconomics)
"Labor Scarcity and Automation Innovation: Evidence from a Million Worker Program"
22.01.2020 Christoph Gschnaidtner (TUM, Economics) "The Technology behind Bitcoin"
29.01.2020 Thomas Daske, Julian Hackinger, Magnus Strobel (TUM) "The adverse effects of conflict interventions: Theory and evidence"
05.02.2020 Christoph Drobner (TUM, Corporate Management) "(Non)disclosure of the truth and motivated belief updating" 
12.02.2020 Christoph Gschnaidtner (TUM, Economics) "The Economics of Bitcoin"